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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 9-10

The ballpark is now pretty much under wraps again.

BCB's Mike Bojanowski went to Wrigley Field over the weekend to check out the progress of construction and found that not much can be see, because the park is shrouded again:

These photos were all taken during the weekend of January 9-10. Both days I went in the late afternoon, with the day's work winding down. Over the weekend the ballpark was covered in new wraps, to a greater extent than any point this offseason. Assuming this to be the status for the remainder of this winter/spring's construction season (and we've been wrong about this before), it effectively closes the window on any visible progress.I was not at the park Friday, January 8, but the wrapping was well underway Saturday, and finished by Sunday afternoon. It's undoubtedly necessary, but a bit of a disappointment for curiosity's sake. Here's hoping the unveiling, when it comes, will be properly jaw-dropping.

David Sameshima also went to Wrigley Sunday afternoon and so we'll have another photoset here tomorrow.