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Baseball's Coming! Cubs Set 1st Spring-Training Workout Dates

The 2016 season is getting closer!

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Major League Baseball announced workout dates for all 30 teams for spring training Monday, both for pitchers and catchers and for full squads. Reporting date would be a day before in each case.

For the Cubs, they'll have their first pitcher/catcher workouts on Saturday, February 20. This would give a lot of people in the Phoenix area who work during the week a chance to see Cubs pitchers and catchers in action.

The first full-squad workout will be Wednesday, February 24, after the full squad reports Tuesday, February 23. In many cases players either live in the Phoenix area or report early, but everyone's supposed to be in camp by the February 24 date. That's just eight days before the first spring game, which will be against the Brewers Thursday, March 3 at Maryvale. The first Cubs spring home game at Sloan Park will be the next day, Friday, March 4, vs. the Angels.

So if you're counting, from today:

39 days until pitchers and catchers report to camp
40 days until the first pitcher/catcher workout
43 days until the full squad reports to camp
44 days until the first full-squad workout
52 days until the first spring game
53 days until the first spring home game

Baseball doesn't seem so far away now, does it?