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Cub Tracks Shows Character

And not cartoon character, either.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Links, hints, allegations, for your perusal.

From ComCast Sportsnet Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

  • Kerry Wood hosts fifth annual Woody's Winter Warmup. "When pitcher Kerry Wood retired a Cub, he knew he wanted to stay in Chicago and give back." He hopes to raise $175,000 for his mentoring program. Celebrity bartenders will serve drinks to raise money for the foundation.

From ESPN Chicago:


  • Carrie Muskat: Inbox: What's Cubs' plan for Kyle Schwarber? "The most important thing is to keep his bat in the Cubs' lineup." Perspective.
  • Muskat: Cubs first spring workout dates announced. Cubs pitchers and catchers will report Feb. 19 and work out the next day, and position players will have their first workout on Feb. 24.
  • Richard Justice: Cubs headline list of offseason winners. "While this offseason isn't over, we've seen enough to start drawing up our lists of who won and those who, well, didn't." Winning the regular season is what counts, though.
  • Muskat: Pat Hughes named 2015 Illinois Sportscaster of the Year. Well-deserved award for Cubs radio man. This is the 10th time Hughes has won a Sportscaster of the Year award and his seventh time in Illinois.

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Cubs Convention archives photogallery: 70 choice pictures.
  • Mark Gonzales: Andre Dawson to be honored at scouts' dinner. Dawson isn’t scheduled to attend next weekend’s Cubs Convention, but the former Cubs great will be recognized Saturday night for his achievements.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

  • Kyle Thele: Addison Russell marries Melisa Reidy over the weekend. "In just one year, the Cubs shortstop has been called up to the big leagues, become a star, had his second child and is now married."

From Bleacher Nation:

  • Brett Taylor: Lazarito cleared to sign with MLB. As reported here previously, Cuban prospect Lazaro Armenteros is now eligible to sign with a major-league club.
  • Luis Medina: What's up with Jorge Soler's 1-WAR ZiPS projection? Seriously? That would have him upright about as much as Otis Campbell. This is the second straight season in which ZiPS threw up a cautionary flag with regard to Soler’s projection.
  • Taylor: Cubs hoping to land a bargain like Yovani Gallardo? Reports say they could be. A Nick Cafardo column provides fuel for speculation.

From Cubs Insider:


Food for thought:

  • Making light of light. [VIDEO] The cosmic microwave background explained. You can't use it to heat up burritos, and Europe isn't going to play. Maybe Disaster Area will.
  • The case of the missing quasar. It disappeared from the plant at 53rd and Keeler years ago. No, really -- astronomers can’t find any sign of the black hole at the center of a quasar.
  • His stress is not like her stress. Scientists puzzle over why men and women react differently to pressure.

Thank you for reading and remarking. Enjoy your day.