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The Most Active BCB Posters For 2015

Courtesy of SB Nation, we once again have statistics honoring... you.

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

The folks at SB Nation put together and sent to site managers today a list of the top posters and commenters at all the team sites, so I thought I'd share the Bleed Cubbie Blue results with you.

Here are the top posters at BCB for calendar year 2015, for FanPosts, FanShots and comments:

Most FanPosts

  newmall                            8        
  CubsNow                            7        
  Ryan Milroy                        6        
  Gatordick                          5        
  chapman_123                        5        
  motorboatsoundmachine              5        
  cubfanindy                         4        
  Dandy Little Glove Man             4        
  HalstedDoug                        4        
  D98                                4  

Most FanShots

  Danny Rockett                      75        
  eths                               28        
  Al Yellon                          25        
  Josh Timmers                       13        
  Justin Bopp                        11        
  MN exile                            8        
  katie casey                         7        
  lshaffer                            5        
  memphiscub                          4        
  RiskyBusiness                       4    

Most Comments

  The Deputy Mayor of Rush Street    38380    
  JC--Cubbiefanforever               23599    
  Al Yellon                          17296    
  ddoubleheader                      14490    
  cooliogirl47                       10078    
  MikeJW                              7818      
  Ryan W. Kasten                      7793      
  daver                               6541      
  Hairy Angel                         6533      
  TortugaCub                          5415      

Congratulations to Deputy for winning the BCB "Most Prolific Commenter" award for the third straight year. Looking through the lists for other sites, Deputy's comment total of 38,380 ranks second among all the SB Nation baseball sites.

The only SB Nation baseball commenter with more in 2015 was MetsFan4Decades (Amazin' Avenue), with 75,277.

Here are the 2014 results; there's a link to the 2013 results at that link. Once again, thanks to everyone who makes BCB the great community it is.