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Cub Tracks Gets Zapped

Strictly commercial. This space for rent.

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So, the mystery man came over...and he said to keep it PC.
So I wrote this all on my desktop, and I'm keeping the regular fee. Ba-dum-tish!!!!

Articles du jour, zoot allures.

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

  • Anthony Rizzo has enough humor to make fun of his "Shoot the Puck" skills. "Short story short, he wasn’t very good at it." Frankly, he's from Florida. It's like Arizona in that the ice is in the drinks and that's about it. Has [VIDEO].
  • Matt Spiegel: World collisions continue at Hot Stove Cool Music. "Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein and his twin brother, Paul, give back through baseball and music with their Foundation To Be Named Later..." Good tunes. Unexpectedly good performances from Peter Gammons and Len Kasper, with some Bernie Williams neck-massaging. Has [VIDEO].
  • 7 Cubs, 4 White Sox officially file for arbitration. Jake Arrieta, Chris Coghlan, Justin Grimm, Hector Rondon, Pedro Strop, Adam Warren and Travis Wood were the seven Cubs to file.
  • Ricketts family buys three more rooftops across from Wrigley Field. "These moves come just days after new details emerged on the Cubs’ plans for the under-construction outdoor plaza west of Wrigley Field."

From ESPN Chicago:

  • Buster Olney [Insider -- $]: MLB's top 10 infields: Cubs leap to the top. "The players are all similar in personality and professionalism, and even if they weren't the best group of infielders -- which they are -- they would have a great experience playing together."
  • Jesse Rogers: How the Cubs built their elite infield. "Good scouting, some timely trades and a little luck..."
  • Rogers: Arrieta files for arbitration, question is when a long-term deal might come. The Cubs are probably willing to wait it out for now.


  • Carrie Muskat: Cubs success stories inspire Albert Almora. "It just motivates me," said Almora. "I'm working really hard." He's probably in the best shape of his life (tm).
  • Phil Rogers: 5 Cubs-Rays trades that make sense. As opposed to "force trade"? "Nobody has more pitching to trade than the Rays, and no team seems as persistent in working to find a fit for that pitching than the Cubs." Just not all at once, please. We don't want to lose Dan Vogelbach more than once.
  • MLB Rookie career development program, with Albert Almora:[VIDEO].

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Lauren Comitor: Rizzo shoots the puck, misses terribly. Anthony Rizzo has shown love for the Blackhawks before. He has even shown evidence of a sense of humor. He is bad at hockey, good at being a human.
  • Ricketts family gains more turf. Three rooftops in Wrigleyville.
  • Schwarber ball moved. As reported at Bleed Cubbie Blue and all other Cubs news outlets, the ball has gone elsewhere. Could be Montana. Could be under Billy the Mountain. It's all hush-hush. (in a continuation of our conceptual continuity, some of the linked video has commercials)

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From the Daily Herald:

  • Bruce Miles: Will Cubs Convention open with extension for Epstein? Nicely poetic title and seemingly a distinct possibility. "Don't look now, but we're coming up on the fifth season of the five-year contract given by Ricketts to Cubs baseball president Theo Epstein."

From Cubs Den:

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:

  • Evan Altman: Do the Cubs have the best infield in baseball? Buster Olney thinks so. "It makes sense that a unit that added Ben Zobrist to supplement a young quartet of Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, and Kris Bryant would be highly ranked, but it’s always nice to see this kind of external validation." Indeed.


Food for thought:

One of the best times I have ever had was when I saw Zappa and his band at the Riviera Theater, and he sang a mock seventh-inning stretch midway through the show. It remains unavailable on video.

Thanks for reading. Cheer up. Tomorrow's Friday.