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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 14

The ballpark is now completely shrouded.

For the first time all winter, this week has been quite cold in Chicago, although it warmed up a bit Thursday. Nevertheless, work has continued at Wrigley Field. BCB's Mike Bojanowski stopped by the ballpark Thursday afternoon and filed this report:

These photos were all taken Thursday, January 14 in the early afternoon. The extensive shrouding is unchanged, but some tantalizing detail can be seen here and there.The last remnant of the original marquee structure has now been removed; the girders that supported the base of the sign, survivors until now, are gone. The rear of the groundskeeper's cottage is now covered in finish brick, in the same style as the patching brick in front, multicolored and multitextured. There are also some new holes in the ground as well.It seems generally very busy, and still very noisy. Things continue to move on.

We should have more photos from the project here over the weekend.