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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 16

More steel beams are reinforcing the front of the ballpark.

While many Cubs fans spent the weekend downtown at the Convention, BCB's David Sameshima was braving the cold to take photos at Wrigley Field. Here's his report.

I was not planning on taking photos today. I was running on errands that took me past Wrigley Field. I noticed that the tarps had been partially moved aside, and some work was taking place. I decided to stop, and take a few photos. I did not have the time, to take a walk around the ballpark. I did not have my normal camera equipment with me. I only had my pocket camera to take these photos.It appeared that they had partially moved aside the tarps so they could attach a cover to the front of the existing support beams in front of the ballpark. Not sure how else to describe them. 

David says he'll head back to the ballpark either Sunday or on the holiday (Monday) to take more photos, so we'll have more here later in the week.