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Cub Tracks Gets A Makeover

We are soooo beautiful....

Color my world
Color my world
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"Attention! Attention, please! Have your pencils and scorecards ready, and I will give you the correct lineups for today's ballgame."

The Lead-off Man: paying the Pieper homage department

The First Inning: Tweet in the suite:

  • Patrick Mooney: Cubs owner: Mets fans are really, really obnoxious. He really said it -- "I don’t know if you guys know this, but Mets fans are really, really obnoxious," Todd Ricketts said during a Q-and-A session with ownership. Embrace the target.

So it isn't just the Cardinals. I like it. The Cubs have attitude, all the way down.

The Second Inning: the Javier Baez story:

The Third Inning: Depth of perception

The Fourth Inning: Don't be fuelish

  • Gordon Wittenmyer: Jason Heyward: Cardinal critics entitled to their opinions. Outfielder doesn't add more fuel to fire.
  • Rick Morrissey: Hard to imagine Sammy Sosa making a public apology to Cubs, baseball. "At some point, something will happen that will allow us to welcome Sammy back." That "something’’ is an apology or, as Ricketts put it to The Score, "a little bit of honesty.’’

The Fifth Inning: TV or not TV?

  • Patrick Mooney: Cubs still planning to launch TV network (but not expecting Dodger megadeal). "Got to get it right," Tom Ricketts said. "Like everything we do, whether it’s Kiss Cams or anything else, we’re studying it to death to look at the pros and cons and weigh the risks of launching on our own, or launching with a partner," added Crane Kenney.

The Sixth Inning: Quid pro Con.

  • Jesse Rogers: Love, tears and other observations from 2016 Cubs Convention. "It’s nuts," shortstop Addison Russell said with a smile after one session with some diehards. "These fans are really passionate." "It feels great," Ryne Sandberg said. "Chicago is my home and I’m a Cub." "She really, really hates the Mets," Todd Ricketts stated, referring to his French-Canadian wife Sylvie.
  • Kyle Thele: The first look at the 2016 Cubs at Cubs Convention. "The regular season may still be four months away, but for some fans baseball season is already starting. For the Cubs, things got rolling over the weekend with the annual Cubs Convention."
  • Rick Telander: Cubs get an Amen at convention. "I swear, all this thing needed was a canvas tent above it, a grassy field around it filled with cars and bikes and walkers and baby strollers and crutches, and you had ‘‘Brother Ricketts’ Traveling Salvation Show.’’ Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, everyone goes, everyone loves Brother Tom's show... Telander acts like it's a bad thing.
  • Evan Altman: Cubs Convention Recap: New Cubs receive warm welcome, give love back. "It was clear from the start that all five men were impressed with the reception they had received since donning royal blue pinstripes. And judging from the standing-room-only crowd, the fans were just as impressed with their new stars."
  • Evan Altman: Cubs Convention Recap: Joe Maddon and coaching staff talk strategy, Kyle Schwarber's future before things got awkward.

The Seventh Inning: The Kids Are Alright

The Eighth Inning: The brushbach effect -- speculative friction

  • Jim Bowden [Insider -- $]: Four trades I'd like to see. The Cubs one involves Ender Inciarte and Julio Teheran. In exchange, Atlanta acquires Jorge Soler and pitching prospect Ryan Williams. Hmm. What do you think?
  • Tim Baffoe: Let's imagine how a Jake Arrieta arbitration hearing would go. Yes, let's please do. I admit it, I laughed out loud. I had to read it three times to get all of the jokes.
  • Jared Wyllys: (Is there) room for Chris Coghlan on defense? Given that he'll be on the roster, the problem lies with what to do with Coghlan to get him on the field and to the plate as much as is possible.
  • Michael Cerami: Arbitration: Final settlement numbers, next steps for Cubs and Jake Arrieta. If there is no agreement to be had, arbitration hearings are scheduled to begin in February. A Theo Epstein-led front office has never gone to arbitration with a player.

The Ninth Inning: A View from the top.

Extra Innings:

Food for thought:

That was the weekend that was. See you in the funny pages.