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Pearl Jam Coming To Wrigley Field In 2016

The band announced tour dates Tuesday.

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field in 2013
Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field in 2013
Tim Shockley

Pearl Jam played Wrigley Field to a packed house in July 2013, which included an appearance by Ernie Banks on stage and a huge thunderstorm which interrupted the show and delayed its end until nearly 2 a.m.

Fun, of course, but sadly, Ernie won't be around for this: There will be more Pearl Jam fun at Wrigley in 2016 as the band Tuesday announced its 2016 tour dates which will include a pair of shows at Wrigley, August 20 and 22. If you're into seeing Pearl Jam at baseball parks, the band will also do a pair of shows at Fenway Park in Boston August 5 and 7.

According to the Pearl Jam website:

Ticket information regarding Pearl Jam’s shows at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field will be announced over the coming weeks.

I assume that Cubs season-ticket holders will get a presale for the Wrigley shows. I'll post further details about any sales for tickets for the Wrigley shows when they're available.