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2016 Cubs Spring Training Countdown: 29 Days

This isn't who you expected, probably.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Baxter wasn't a Cub for very long -- just 34 games during the 2015 season. He started just 10 of those, all of them while Jorge Soler was on the disabled list in June and early July.

What, you didn't really expect to see Jeff Samardzija here, did you? Not Doug Dascenzo, either -- I did that last year.

Sometimes we need to give some props to players who otherwise wouldn't get them. Baxter didn't hit very well as a Cub: .246/.348/.263 in 66 plate appearances, though that on-base percentage is at least decent.

Here's the story of his best game as a Cub, June 10 against the Tigers in Detroit. The Cubs had fun pounding baseballs off several Detroit pitchers, scoring 12 runs. In fact, they hit Tigers starter Shane Greene so hard that he got demoted to Triple-A after this performance (three innings, seven hits, five runs).

Baxter, serving as the DH that night, singled, doubled, walked twice and scored three runs. It was just the second time in his career that he had DH'd (once previously with the Mets in 2012) and, unless he gets another big-league chance, it will stand as the only three-run game in his career.

The Cubs got contributions from just about everyone who played for them in the 2015 playoff run. Mike Baxter didn't play a big role, but it's worth celebrating one of his good times.