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Cubs Fan Song: #CrazyHatLady

BCB's Danny Rockett parodies the Tom Jones classic "She's a Lady" about the 2016 Cubs Convention's most famous fan.

Danny Rockett

My Tweeted photo of a Cubs fan wearing an eccentric hat (or maybe it's more than one hat, hard to tell!) made the Sun-Times website on Wednesday. It just goes to show you how Andy Warhol's predicted "15 Minutes of Fame" happens. You wear a nutty hat to the Cubs Convention. Then, some jerk like me snaps your photo while @CrawlysCubs videos your rambling "question"/complaint to Theo Epstein, and the next thing you know, you are front page on my Google News feed.

Well, allow me to dip into #CrazyHatLady's 16th minute of fame and write and sing a "She's a Lady" song parody before this story is as dead as Cap Anson.

There are many ways to be known as #CrazyHatLady. This is one of them.

(Free Song Download and Lyrics posted below the video; transcript of #CrazyHatLady's Question posted under the lyrics.)

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Well, she always wears three hats

And a couple fanny packs, she’s feelin' bitter

Cause What’s-His-Names been replaced

Hey Theo! Stop the Trades! Bring back Schlitter!!


Oh, whoa, whoa, #CrazyHatLady

Talkin' about #CrazyHatLady

In the microphone line...

You never know what she’ll say

But it’s gonna take all day to hear her question.

She’s rootin' for Chicago

Stuffed animal sombrero, and pin collection


Oh, whoa, whoa, #CrazyHatLady

Talkin' about #CrazyHatLady

In the microphone line…

Well, someday she’ll fall deep in love

When Ronnie Woo woo’s her

Cubbie fans legally wed

Dreamin' of the future

Ronnie’s such a lucky guy

I hear she’s quite the cougar

But she’s always shoutin’

Cause she doesn’t like the trades, hey hey hey

No, she doesn’t have a doubt

Theo’s gonna ship 'em out after the Series

But she knows what he should do

Keep the core like '62 and other theories


Oh, whoa, whoa, #CrazyHatLady

Talkin' about #CrazyHatLady

In the microphone line…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, #CrazyHatLady

Oh, whoa, whoa, #CrazyHatLady

Rootin for the Cubs #CrazyHatLady

Yeah yeah yeah yeah #CrazyHatLady

Whoa whoa whoa #CrazyHatLady

Talkin' about #CrazyHatLady

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa


Yeah yeah yeah #CrazyHatLady

Whoa whoa lord, #CrazyHatLady

With a stuffed animal hat


Ooh ooh #CrazyHatLady

Crazy Hat Lady Transcription

(courtesy of @CrawlysCubs

"I have an unusual question and probably you are all too young to remember these players: Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, and the bleacher bums. I was one of the bleacher bums, you weren't even born yet. And we used to have the cards out there in the bleachers and they used to sign them, but one of the things that they did, they kept good core players. By the time I turn around they're gone

(getting louder and more upset)

Theo, you trade them, you just seem to get rid of all the good players we have .You have the pitcher you sent to the South Side, that was very good, I forgot his name even now, aaaaaannnd, I mean, (inaudible) more than one player. Is that true you practice with, course we want the World Series, so if we get one World Series and we win, are you going to trade them the next year? The next, can I care about them? I want a Mr. Cub again, I don't know if you heard that name? And also ( inaudible)"

Len Kasper: "Ma'am, do you have a question?"

CHL: We had the number 14 on the, by the home plate in memory of Ernie last year, and I think it should be long term.