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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 23

There's much work going on, but not a lot to see.

The weekend came and that allowed BCB's Mike Bojanowski to return to Wrigley Field to see what kinds of things were going on in the renovation project.

Here's what he sent me:

These photos were taken Saturday, January 23 in the early morning. It was my first visit to Wrigley in a week. If anything, the park is now even more shrouded. There was lots of action, lots of noise, but very little new to see. Some new item is being built along the third base line, possibly a new elevator, just visible from Waveland (photo 11).

I'm not sure that'd be an elevator, as it would seem any elevators added would be behind the seating area, not the location you see in that photo. But something is definitely being changed there. To give you bearings, what you see in the background is the north end of the press box; the booth visible is the addition from last year, the control room for the video boards.

As with everything, we'll find out soon. David Sameshima visited the ballpark Sunday and we'll have his photos here tomorrow.