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Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

Once again, you'll be able to follow the Cubs online and on radio and TV this spring.

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The Cubs will be televising nine games this spring. That is, if I'm not mistaken, an all-time high for the Cubs televising spring-training games. At least two others (as of this writing: March 6 vs. the Diamondbacks, March 15 vs. the Padres) will be available on the Cubs' opponent's network.

There will also be nine games on the Cubs' new radio station, 670 The Score, and 21 others online via Thus, every day there will be a game either on TV, on radio or online, and 30 of the 32 spring games will be available by some form of broadcast.

Also of note: the games on Thursday, March 17 at Sloan Park and Thursday, March 24 at Scottsdale Stadium will begin at 4:05 p.m. Arizona time (6:05 p.m. CT) for ESPN national coverage. The only games not broadcast at all will be a split-squad game vs. the Rockies Monday, March 7 (2:10 CT), and another split-squad game Saturday, March 12 vs. the Dodgers (9:05 CT).

Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer will call the games on the Score, and Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies will call the CSN Chicago and WGN-TV games. Len will be joined once again by Mick Gillispie on

Here's the complete broadcast schedule. All games begin at 1:05 Arizona time except as noted. That's 2:05 CT through March 12, 3:05 CT starting March 13 when DST begins. Home games in boldface.

Thu 3/3 vs. Brewers: 
Fri 3/4 vs. Angels: (Fox Sports West)
Sat 3/5 vs. Reds: 670 The Score
Sun 3/6 vs. Diamondbacks: 670 The Score (2:10 CT) (Fox Sports Arizona)
Mon 3/7 vs. Royals: 
Tue 3/8 vs. Dodgers: 
Wed 3/9 vs. Indians: 
Thu 3/10 vs. Mariners: (Root Sports)
Fri 3/11 vs. Reds: 
Sat 3/12 vs. White Sox: 670 The Score (WGN-TV, Sox announcers)
Sun 3/13 vs. Athletics: 670 The Score 
Mon 3/14 vs. Padres: 
Tue 3/15 vs. Padres: (3:10 CT) (Fox Sports San Diego)
Wed 3/16 vs. Royals:, CSN Chicago 
Thu 3/17 vs. Diamondbacks:, ESPN (6:05 CT) 
Fri 3/18 vs. White Sox: (CSN Chicago, Sox announcers)
Sat 3/19 vs. Indians: 670 The Score (9:05 CT) Sun 3/20 vs. Royals: 670 The Score, WGN-TV Mon 3/21 OFF DAY Tue 3/22 vs. Reds: Wed 3/23 vs. Rangers:, CSN Chicago Thu 3/24 vs. Giants:, ESPN (6:05 CT) Fri 3/25 vs. Brewers:, CSN Chicago Sat 3/26 vs. Giants: 670 The Score, WGN-TV Sun 3/27 vs. Mariners: 670 The Score, CSN Chicago Mon 3/28 vs. Angels: (3:10 CT) (Fox Sports West) Tue 3/29 vs. Athletics:, CSN Chicago Wed 3/30 vs. Rockies: Thu 3/31 vs. Mets at Las Vegas:, CSN Chicago (7:05 CT) Fri 4/1 vs. Mets at Las Vegas:, WGN-TV (3:05 CT) Sat 4/2 OFF DAY Sun 4/3 vs. Angels at Anaheim: (2:05 CT)