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Cubs, MLB Reveal New Spring Training Jerseys, Caps

The Cubs' look will seem familiar.

Major League Baseball and its 30 teams unveiled spring-training jerseys and caps Thursday.

This isn't anything new; teams have had different spring looks each year for the past several seasons. What's different about this year is that, according to a press release from MLB, there's going to be a more unified look as the league is now considering Spring Training as a "jewel event":

"Spring Training represents a unique blend of hope, excitement and anticipation for baseball fans and we believe it deserves to be celebrated as a special event with a more cohesive look on our uniforms and fields," said Noah Garden, MLB Executive Vice President, Business. "We are grateful to our partners at Majestic and New Era that continue to offer MLB clubs innovative new fabrications so players can perform at their highest levels and unique designs that provide interesting extensions to team identities for our fans."

Consistent with how Major League Baseball brands Jewel Events, increased Spring Training imagery also will be featured on-the field.  Rawlings baseballs will be stamped with this year’s Grapefruit League and Cactus League logos. The bases used in every Spring Training matchup will feature jewels of the league logos and the on-deck circles will also showcase the AZ and FL marks. Additionally, Spring Training fields are scheduled to be stenciled with the Grapefruit and Cactus marks, similar to the Opening Day, All-Star and Postseason field décor.

Yes, I've made you wait. Here's the Cubs' cap and jersey look for Spring Training 2016:

If the jersey looks familiar, it should. It's the Cubs' blue alternate jersey. Many teams are doing the same, although some are going for a different look, as you can see here. I like the "AZ" logo on the cap (Florida teams, obviously, will have one that reads "FL" and the colors will be reversed for those, orange on top, blue on the bottom.)

There will be detail on the numbers of all jerseys (similar to what MLB has done for All-Star jerseys in recent years) and embossed league logos on the caps. You can see some of those details here.

In the past, the Cubs have worn their traditional white pinstripe jersey at Spring Training (yes, it's supposed to be Capitalized now) home games, while wearing a blue alternate spring jersey for away games. Guess we'll have to wait another few weeks to find out whether they'll continue to do that going forward.

MLB says these jerseys and caps will be in teams' online shops February 1. Because of course they will.