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Cub Tracks Looks at MAD

Complete with fold-ins.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What, me worry?

From Comcast Sportsnet Chicago:

Imagine it drawn by Mort Drucker.

From ESPN Chicago:

Imagine it drawn by Don Martin.


  • Richard Justice: Amazing race for 2015 Cy Young award. "Years from now, another generation of baseball fans may still be appreciating how good these guys were in 2015."
  • John Schlegel: Yogi Berra, Ernie Banks left lasting legacies. They certainly did. Another entry into the alliteration hall of fame, as well.

Imagine it drawn by Antonio Prohias.

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Paul Sullivan: Will tightening Hall of Fame requirements affect selections? "As the years go by, the debate over who belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame often is less heated than the argument over who deserves to elect them. It's a fair question, though you shouldn't expect things to change any time soon."

Imagine it awash in Groo, as drawn by Sergio Aragones.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Jack Davis has this one.

From Cubs Den:

  • John Arguello: Jorge Soler can shine in the shadows of the Cubs 2016 lineup. It isn't LIT 101-approved to mix metaphors that way but Arguello has a point.

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:

Al Jaffee folds in all three of the above.


Food for thought: