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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 1

New Year's Day at the ballpark was quiet.

Saturday, we brought you a photoset of the work at Wrigley Field over the last week, and promised you that a more complete set from New Year's Day would be here Sunday.

Here's David Sameshima's photoset on a day when the construction crews had the day off. That likely will be the last off day, other than many Sundays, until the home opener for the Cubs, scheduled for April 11. That's just 99 days from now. The crews have been quite fortunate to have good weather for almost the entire construction season. Even the recent snow hasn't slowed them down too much. My understanding from last year is that the only things that really bother the crews are extreme cold (which hasn't happened this winter, yet) and high winds, which have happened on only a couple of days.

Much of the work, unfortunately, has now gone under wraps. The entire west side of the ballpark is shrouded in tarps, as are the bleachers and the work on the north side of the left-field grandstand (photos 47 and 48). The main entrance is still open and viewable, and as you can see in multiple photos here, there's a tremendous amount of scaffolding in place inside the entrance.

In the bleachers, the only work viewable from the street right now is the under-construction patio underneath the center-field scoreboard (best seen in photo 6). I'm also most interested in the green tubing in photo 7 -- that's likely where the cables leading from the broadcast building to the ballpark will be put underground. That's also likely the reason for the excavation on Waveland that you see in photos 9 and 10.

We'll have more photos here during the week.