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Dan Haren Gets Bored On Exercise Bike, Tweets Random Facts About His Career

These are pretty funny.

David Banks/Getty Images

Dan Haren wasn't a Cub for very long... just 11 starts in the last two months of 2015. Most of them weren't very good and he was left off the Cubs' playoff roster. I will, though, always remember the seven shutout innings he threw against the Cardinals in St. Louis September 7, a great coda to his career when the Cubs needed it most.

Haren announced his retirement at the end of the 2015 season. He's still trying to keep in shape, though, and Monday he was on an exercise bike. How do I know this? Because he sent out a hilarious sequence of tweets with random facts about his career. Here they are (with some added commentary by me):

Haren was actually a pretty good hitter -- he hit .200 for his career, good for a pitcher, with 26 doubles and two home runs in 414 at-bats. The homer off Carpenter was hit while Haren was with the Diamondbacks, June 28, 2010, in St. Louis. Several other players connected to the Cubs in one way or another played in that game.

Close, Dan, but not quite, as I pointed out in a reply:

Upton, whether known as B.J. or Melvin, hit six career homers off Haren, more than anyone else. No one else hit more than four.

That's about 10 percent of his career total of 67 hit batters.

These are awesome. Haren, regardless of his talent level when he came to the Cubs, was for a time a very good pitcher, a three-time All-Star who finished in the top seven in Cy Young voting twice, and posted 32.9 career bWAR, which is pretty good. He also had a great sense of humor, particularly about himself. I'd love to see him get into broadcasting -- he'd be fantastic at it.

Hope you enjoyed these. I did.