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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 4-7

Much of the work is still being done under wraps.

Here's our first look at the construction going on at Wrigley Field since New Year's Day. These photos, taken January 4 through 7, show... well, whatever you can see from the street. Unlike last year, when the bleacher work was clearly visible from the street, this time much of the work is being done under wraps, as shown in many of these photos.

BCB's Mike Bojanowski filed this additional report:

It was very busy and also very loud around the ballpark. There was clearly a lot going on, but very little of it was observable from the street. There were deliveries of all sorts including cinderblock, concrete and girders. You can see one of the girders being installed in photo 12.As has been the case from the beginning, the main gate continues to offer the best views. Much new steel is being assembled and welded. The verticals at the main gate are undergoing the same sheathing process that was completed along the west front last month.

We should have more photos here over the weekend.