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Wrigley Field Plaza Rules Ordinance Will Be Introduced Next Week

Here's some details on what you'll find when the Wrigley Field plaza opens.

There will soon be an outdoor plaza on this site
There will soon be an outdoor plaza on this site
Mike Bojanowski

If you were wondering what you'll find on the plaza currently under construction on the west side of Wrigley Field, there are some clues in this Tribune article which notes that Ald. Tom Tunney is soon going to introduce an ordinance in the City Council to set some rules for what can and can't be done there:

Live music and other activities could take place at a plaza next to Wrigley Field until 9 p.m. on weeknights and 10 p.m. on weekends as part of a proposal that Wrigleyville's alderman will introduce to set rules at the outdoor fan area the Ricketts family is building on the west side of the ballpark.

Beer and wine sales could take place during those same hours of operation at the plaza on Clark Street under an ordinance Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th, plans to bring forward at next week's City Council meeting. However, no alcohol could be sold there when a game, concert or other event is taking place in Wrigley Field, or for an hour after the event ends.

The article goes on to note concerns from local bar owners, who are afraid of competition from whatever the Cubs sell in the plaza, as well as neighborhood residents, worried that the plaza could turn into an area that attracts more noise into the neighborhood.

Tunney's proposed ordinance, which sets fairly early hours to stop live music and beer and wine sales, should address some of these concerns, as well as the part of the proposal that prevents alcohol from being sold during a Wrigley event. The article also notes:

People could take drinks from the plaza into the stadium for games under Tunney's ordinance, which could still be changed after he introduces it Wednesday. The proposal would likely get a committee hearing during the next month and could come up for a full City Council vote in February.

The construction on the plaza is expected to be ongoing through most of the 2016 season and it might not be open for business until 2017.

If you are interested, here is a copy of Tunney's proposed ordinance (link opens .pdf).