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Wrigley Field Playoff Scene: Game 2, October 8

A photo timeline of events in and around the ballpark before, during and after Saturday's game.

SAN FRANCISCO -- As we await this evening's Game 3 against the Giants at AT&T Park here in the Bay Area, here's a way for you to re-live a bit of what happened during the Game 2 win.

BCB's David Sameshima scored a ticket to Saturday's Game 2 of the division series between the Cubs and Giants at Wrigley Field.

As he's done for us so many times for the Wrigley construction project, he spent some of the evening documenting things going on outside and inside the ballpark from before the game began, to after it ended.

Hope these photos give you an idea of the flavor of what a playoff game feels like, from hours before the game to after it ends. The announced crowd of 42,392 (photo 33) was the largest of the season, bigger than Game 1 by a couple hundred people.

Hopefully, the Cubs will close out the Giants tonight (or tomorrow at the latest) and not have to come back to Wrigley Field until Saturday. Perhaps they'll break that attendance mark.