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Cubs NLDS Game 3 Lineup: Jorge Soler in LF, Jason Heyward On The Bench

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This is a bit of a surprise.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs’ lineup for the potentially deciding Game 3 of their National League Division Series is out:

Joe Maddon has apparently decided to go with offense in this game, starting Ben Zobrist in right and Jorge Soler in left. Jason Heyward’s defense, which could be useful in the very large outfield at AT&T Park, will start the game on the bench. Heyward, you might remember, made this fantastic catch in San Francisco on May 20:

He suffered a contusion when he hit the wall; it looked serious, but he missed only three games.

I assume that Heyward, and likely Albert Almora Jr., will replace Zobrist and Soler, respectively, in the outfield in the late innings if the Cubs can get a lead against Giants ace Madison Bumgarner.

Here’s the Giants lineup for the game:

That’s a pretty standard Giants lineup, fairly lefthanded against Jake Arrieta. Jake’s had success against these guys before, so...

Let’s go! Win this series tonight.