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Cub Tracks Feels The Haight

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Beards, boomsticks, big inning beginnings, and other bullets

Still one up.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday afternoon, Cub Tracks went to the pen and came up with a piece celebrating Travis Wood’s on-field exploits, the level of excellence of the 2016 Chicago Cubs, meat loaf, and superstition in general. Quotes were culled from TV’s Dan Plesac, Ryan Theriot’s Twitter account, and the comedy stylings of Jayson Stark. A good time was had by all in Cubbie Blue, to the best of my recollection.

Today, we’re respecting the Giants for hanging in. That was quite a gameI love October baseball. It would have been pleasant to win, but it wasn’t to be. So much for Christopher Russo’s assertion that the Cubs haven’t seen any adversity. That was a character game for both sides, and no mistake about it. Yeah, I know — eff Christopher Russo.

I made a bet with myself. If the Cubs would have won, I was going out for Italian beef. A San Francisco win means I have to go to the store and fetch the makings for cioppino, and stay in. Something about a baseball game...

Some thoughts:

  1. I hate Conor Gillaspie. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.
  2. Wow, A-Rod and Pete Rose are beyond bad. They make Frank Thomas look good. I dunno what the haircut’s name is. It doesn’t matter. Dontrelle Willis thinks he’s funny.
  3. Maddon rolled the dice with the bullpen and it came back snake eyes. I bet Chapman strikes out the next five guys. At least.
  4. Let’s not take this series back to Chicago. Someone wake Anthony Rizzo’s bat up, please.
  5. Goodbye, Big Papi.

Here’s your Chicago Cubs news for today. As always * means autoplay on (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Video courtesy of Sports Mockery.

  • Billy Witz (The New York Times): For Cubs Fans, Enemy Home Runs Come With a Duty: ‘Throw. It. Back.’ “...not all home runs are received equally.”
  • Jesse Betend (Chicago Sun-Times): Unbearable: Sox fans resist jumping on Cubs playoff bandwagon. “I just got to the Sox store,” Dan Guzman said. “There’s too much Cubs stuff here.” Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  • Jason Gay (The Wall Street Journal): The calm case for the Chicago Cubs. Lower-key fanaticism.
  • Paul Meincke (ABC-7): 102-year-old Cubs fan still keeps score of every game. “Loretta Dolan's knowledge of the game is remarkable and her loyalty to the Cubs is unmatched.”
  • Melissa Isaacson (ESPN): Meet Dallas Kilponen, the Cubs' most devoted fan Down Under. I dunno. My friend Mike R., a former Chicagoan, might argue the point. But cool article.
  • Joel Sherman (New York Post): Steve Kerr’s advice for Cubs, the baseball equal of his Warriors. “Keep swinging, keep going for it. Let everyone else sort out the legacy.”
  • Amy Rutledge (WGN-9): Wrigley scoreboard keeper to retire – but first, a World Series? “Somebody is going to inherit a very good job,” Fred Washington says.
  • George Castle (Chicago Baseball Museum): Where have you gone, Gowdy and Garagiola? Radio days. That’s what Cub fans have for some of these playoff games.
  • Janet Davies (ABC-7): The story behind 'Go Cubs Go.' Steve Goodman wrote three songs about his team.
  • Jamie Kunzer (Northwest Herald): McHenry County Cubs fan writes song celebrating Chicago’s successful summer. We’ve shared this one before. Very cool. [VIDEO]
  • David Sharos (Chicago Tribune): Aurora family feels special connection with Cubs. Brianna Czenk was the Cubs' bat girl for a day in 2013.
  • Chris Cwik (Big League Stew*): A former fictional Cubs coach wants to be part of the playoff run. Celebrity pitching coach Phil Brickma, that is.
  • Justin Glawe (Esquire): The last dive bar in Wrigleyville isn't banking on the Cubs. “The neighborhood is changing fast, but Malort and Old Style still rule at Nisei Lounge.”
  • Aldo Soto (Sports Mockery): Local bar tries to troll the Cubs again but fails at it. McNally’s used its marquee to show support for the Giants, but they spelled an important word wrong.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer (Chicago Sun-Times*): Rob Manfred on Cubs’ Series chase: ‘All streaks come to an end’. “It’s a great storyline,” he finished.
  • Tony Andracki (CSN Chicago*): Historic defense a game-changer for Cubs in postseason. Defense wins championships, is the wisdom.
  • Phil Rogers ( Culture of 'continual growth' sets Joe Maddon apart. Baseball is his passion. And his art.
  • Bruce Miles (Daily Herald): Chicago Cubs follow Maddon's lead, keep it simple. Take care of today.
  • Barry Rozner (Daily Herald): Joe Maddon sure Willson Contreras catching on. “Contreras catching helps to shut down the running game," Maddon said.
  • Bob Nightengale (USA Today): Javier Baez establishing himself as Cubs' next big star. It’s all about his little sister, who passed away last year. “She meant everything to me,’’ Baez says.
  • Steve Greenberg (Chicago Sun-Times): Giants fans aren’t loving Javy Baez — as if that matters. All things considered, Javy is Javy, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about that.
  • Rob Peterson (ESPN): Ben Zobrist's new walk-up music gets Elton John's approval. “Somewhere around the world, wherever he was, he listened to it and gave his approval,” Zobrist said after the Cubs' workout Sunday in San Francisco.
  • Phil Thompson (Chicago Tribune): Julianna Zobrist's 'Jets' cover for Ben latest addition to Cubs' walk-up music. “Ben Zobrist is leading the hit parade even before he steps to the plate.” Ouch.
  • Jenifer Langosch ( Jake Arrieta hits first HR by pitcher off Madison Bumgarner. Joe Blanton was the last one before Travis Wood. Suddenly, it’s a fad.
  • Jayson Stark (ESPN): Why all the aces can't be Madison Bumgarner in October. "It's not just purely his stuff," Maddon said. "It's his competitive nature.” See below.
  • Bradford Doolittle (ESPN*): Can Jake Arrieta match Madison Bumgarner zero for zero? You tell me.
  • Luis Medina (Bleacher Nation): Breaking down the legend of Madison Bumgarner. He looks like he comes from Boggy Creek, but he is beatable.
  • Patrick Mooney (CSN Chicago*): Why Cubs sat Jason Heyward against Madison Bumgarner and how Joe Maddon still sees more offensive potential. “With a player like him, just be patient,” Maddon said.
  • Grant Brisbee (SB Nation): Game 3 of the Giants-Cubs series was absolutely bananas. Yes. Yes, it was.
  • Michael Powell (New York Times): Cubs lose, but it’s too early for ghosts to rise. Much too early — there’s a game tonight.
  • Susan Slusser (SFGate*): Decision to use Aroldis Chapman early backfires on Cubs. “It’s hard to bunt 100 miles per hour,” Maddon said.
  • Chris Haft, Carrie Muskat ( Cubs can't close out Giants, who force Game 4. “Maybe this was supposed to happen...”
  • Jenifer Langosch ( Kris Bryant blasts game-tying HR to force extras. MVP! MVP!
  • Carrie Muskat ( Aroldis Chapman puts rough outing behind him. "I'm fine with it," Chapman said. "It wasn't my night. [Tuesday's] another day, and if he needs me, I'm ready to close."
  • Jenifer Langosch ( Albert Almora Jr on catch: 'Highlight of my career so far'.
  • Phil Rogers ( Cubs send 'amped-up' Lackey for possible clinch. John Lackey begins quest for jewelry.
  • Brett Taylor (Bleacher Nation): When the Cubs make you feel worse by playing too well. Hopefully Cubs players are more rational than Cubs fans.
  • Tim Baffoe (CBS Chicago*): The worst part about the Cubs’ loss isn’t the loss. “...what sucks is the special brand of trashy fatalism that comes with consuming this franchise even when it provides the best product ever in any of our lifetimes.”
  • Filip Bondy (The New York Times): Sorry Cub fans, but you’re probably doomed. Well, we all are, inevitably. But this is a prime example of the above.
  • Paul M. Banks (Chicago Tribune): See the '90s Cubs in a new light thanks to a photographer who broke gender barriers. “...hard work and dedication have changed minds and attitudes over time.”

Food for thought.

  • Rachel Feltman and Sarah Kaplan (The Washington Post): Dear Science: Why do I always get sick when the seasons change? Your airways become more susceptible to “unpleasant microbial visitors”.
  • Sara G. MIller (Live Science): Why you shouldn't do a hard workout when you're upset. Ticker shock.
  • Alexandra Ossola (Popular Science): Hacking Diabetes at home. New technology has made diabetes maintenance much easier.

I have faith that Lackey can slay the dragon. See you Thursday. Thanks for reading.