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Cubs/Giants Game 4 Of NLDS Highest-Rated Show On FS1 Ever

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The Cubs were a big hit for FS1.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The television numbers for last night's game are in and despite several of you turning the game off in the seventh inning (you know who you are!), the Cubs weren't the only winner last night. With 6.3 million viewers, the game was the highest-rated broadcast ever on the three-year old FS1 channel. I am fairly certain that these numbers do not include how many watched the game online via Fox Sports Go.

The game actually pulled in lower numbers than the NL Wild Card game between the Giants and Mets (7.4 million) but that game was broadcast on the much more widely-available ESPN.

The game would have clearly drawn more fans if it were broadcast on the over-the-air Fox Network, but Fox is trying to build FS1 into a legitimate competitor to ESPN. Baseball is a major part of their plan.

The Cubs are likely to draw big numbers for FS1 in the NLCS, especially with the big media markets of either Los Angeles or Washington as the opponent. Some of those games will even be broadcast on the Fox Network. However, as of yet, we still have no confirmation as to when and on what channel Saturday's Game 1 of the NLCS will be. We'll keep you updated.