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2016 Cubs NLCS Tales From The Virtual Waiting Room

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Here’s a place to post your stories of success, or woe, in getting NLCS tickets.

The National League Championship Series begins Saturday evening at Wrigley Field with the Cubs hosting either the Nationals or Dodgers.

For those of you lucky enough to be chosen for the opportunity to buy NLCS tickets, the sale is at noon CT today.

If does what they’ve done in the past, hey'll be opening up a Virtual Waiting Room for the email lottery winners shortly after this article posts. Usually that happens about 30 minutes before the sale begins, so I'd expect the VWR to be open around 11:30 a.m. CT, perhaps a bit later.

As we did here for the division series, I'd like to hear, and I'm sure others would too, about your experiences in the VWR if you're one of the lucky ones. How long are you waiting? Did you get tickets? Did you get bumped out of line by a browser glitch?

There are still tickets available for all the potential NLCS games in Los Angeles or Washington, if you get shut out at Wrigley.

Post about your experiences here. And good luck!