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MLB Sets Umpiring Crews For Championship Series

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Here’s who will be making the calls at Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium beginning Saturday.

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Friday morning, Major League Baseball announced the umpiring assignments for the Cubs/Dodgers National League Championship Series games. Game 1 will be at Wrigley Field at 7:08 p.m. Saturday.

These umpires will be calling the NLCS. Also noted are how many previous postseason assignments each umpire has had:

HP Paul Nauert 6 DS
1B Eric Cooper 2 WC; 9 DS; 2 LCS; 1 WS
2B Gary Cederstrom* 2 WC; 7 DS; 6 LCS; 3 WS
3B Angel Hernandez 8 DS; 6 LCS; 2 WS
LF Alfonso Marquez 7 DS; 3 LCS; 3 WS
RF Ted Barrett 4 WC; 8 DS; 6 LCS; 3 WS
Replay Bill Welke 2 WC; 4 DS; 1 LCS; 1 WS

Replay Official:

NLCS: Bill Welke in Games 1-2; Paul Nauert in Games 3-7

The * by Cederstrom’s name indicates that he’ll be the crew chief for this series.

Here, for the record, is the umpiring crew for the American League Championship Series between the Blue Jays and Indians:

HP Laz Diaz 5 DS; 2 LCS; 1 WS
1B Jim Wolf 1 WC; 4 DS; 1 LCS; 1 WS
2B Brian Gorman* 1 WC; 10 DS; 5 LCS; 3 WS
3B Jim Reynolds 1 WC; 6 DS; 2 LCS; 1 WS
LF Mike Everitt 2 WC; 8 DS; 5 LCS; 3 WS
RF Jeff Nelson 3 WC; 6 DS; 6 LCS; 3 WS
Replay Mark Wegner 2 WC; 7 DS; 3 LCS; 1 WS

Replay Official:

ALCS: Mark Wegner in Games 1-2; Laz Diaz in Games 3-7