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Wrigley Field NLCS Preparations: October 12-13

Here's what the ballpark looked like outside on Wednesday and Thursday.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field both Wednesday and Thursday, as the team awaited its NLCS opponent. Here's what he saw on those days.

Here are photos taken on Wednesday and Thursday. I figured that the Cubs would only keep the NLCS display on for a short period of time, so I made sure to take photos on Wednesday. By Thursday morning, they had returned to displaying ads. During the NLDS, I had noticed that they had added signage to the new Wrigley Field Premium Tickets booth, on Addison. I didn't have a chance to photograph it until now.

On Thursday evening I had time to take the photos of other changes I had noticed during the NLDS, but never had a change to photograph. They had added new Hotel Zachary banners around the construction site. An advertising sign had been added to the roof of the Cubs Store. Clark Street Sports finally opened their new store, on the site where they had operated a tent store.

I then realized that it was so quiet around the ballpark. It was the lull between the NLDS and the NLCS. It was like the eye of the hurricane, so peaceful, before the rest of the storm arrives this weekend.