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Wrigley Field Before, During And After NLCS Game 1

Here are some sights and scenes from around the ballpark on Saturday.

BCB's David Sameshima was able to get a ticket to Saturday's game. That was a great game to attend if you could only get one. A young couple sitting in front of me did that; they had bought their tickets on Stubhub. I asked if he'd mind telling me how much. $296 each, he said, which is actually not bad for the secondary market, that's only a bit more than double face value.

After Miguel Montero hit the grand slam, I asked him if it was worth all the money. I just got a huge grin and nod and, "Oh, yeah!"

Here are some views of various scenes around the park before, during and after Game 1. It's my understanding that some of the people waiting in line at Wrigley did get tickets, there were a few singles and standing room released by the Cubs.

Here you can also see where Fox set up that "high" center-field camera, and how that view compares to the normal broadcast position.

David got some really good crowd reaction shots after Miggy's slam.

The camera in the left-field corner (photo 16) is right next to where I sit. It had the number "12" on it; my understanding is that Fox is using more total cameras than that, and for the World Series might use as many as 24.

Enjoy these vignettes from Saturday. David has another photo shoot today and won't be able to be at Wrigley, unfortunately, but I hope these give you a good idea of how it felt to be there for the amazing Game 1 win.