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Could Kyle Schwarber DH In The World Series?

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It's possible, according to one report.

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Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber, seriously injured in the third game of 2016, had been ruled out for the postseason by Theo & Co. before the playoffs began.

Saturday, it was revealed that Schwarber would be joining the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Fall League.

This, with the idea that maybe, just maybe, Schwarber could DH in the World Series.

As the link above from The Athletic says, the Cubs have enough versatile players that they could afford to carry a DH-only player onnthe roster.

Kyle was reportedly going to be playing for Mesa in today's AFL game, so we should have a report on how he did by evening.

So... good idea? Bad idea? Something worth considering? If he can hit home runs, I suppose it doesn't matter how fast or slowly he can eun.

Like there isn't enough big news going on today. Let's win the pennant today and then we'll see about Kyle.