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The Wrigley Field Scene, Saturday And Sunday

Some photos from around the ballpark both after the game, and in the aftermath.

David Sameshima took both photos and video before, during and after Game 6.

"Game 6." That used to mean something different, didn't it? Now it's probably the best thing ever.

Anyway, I'll have David's set later on -- it's taking him a while to go through everything -- but for now I have some other photos to share with you.

The nighttime photos from Saturday were taken by Geoff Stellfox, a graduate photojournalism student who graciously agreed to share them with us (and he might have more in the future). Mike Bojanowski went by Wrigley Field Sunday morning to an unusual sight:

Of particular interest is that, sometime last night, a piece or several of blue chalk got passed around, with the results you see here. By noon hour, however, it was all gone, as you also will see.This is the biggest celebration any Cubs fan has seen in decades. In a few days' time, it might be the biggest in over a century.