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The Wrigley Field Scene, Saturday & Sunday, Part 2

Here are more photos from in and around the ballpark on this historic weekend.

Because I know you literally cannot get enough of your 2016 National League champion Cubs, I present to you more photos taken by BCB's David Sameshima during the aftermath of Saturday's NLCS victory over the Dodgers, and then the scene around Wrigley Field on Sunday, which David described to me as "like a game day."

The photos are mostly self-explanatory and don't need captions or descriptions -- you know what happened Saturday night, and the crazy scene around Clark & Addison Sunday was likely for two reasons: first, people soaking up the atmosphere, and second, people soaking up as much of the World Series merchandise as they could. That created this at Wrigleyville Sports at Addison & Sheffield:

sold out sign, not sideways!

Some of the last photos of the set are of the Cubs' equipment truck and team buses heading to O'Hare for the short-hop flight to Cleveland, late Sunday afternoon. As you can see, that drew a pretty large crowd, and the buses had a police escort to the airport (and in case you wondered, yes, the Cubs pay for that).

Enjoy! We're less than 48 hours away from the first Cubs World Series game in most of our lifetimes.