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Cubs’ Jon Lester Will Start Game 1 Of The World Series

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The lefthander has plenty of Series experience.

Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

This news should not surprise you at all:

After Jon Lester threw magnificently in Game 5 of the NLCS, it seemed likely he’d go in Game 1 of the World Series should the Cubs win the pennant. Not only would he be going on normal (four days) rest, but Lester, in three career World Series starts, has thrown 21 innings and allowed one earned run (0.43 ERA). In those 21 innings he has allowed 12 hits and four walks (0.762 WHIP).

One of those starts was a Series-starter (Game 1 in 2013) and two were Series-clinchers (Game 4 in 2007 and Game 6 in 2013), so Lester clearly has no problem pitching on the biggest of stages.

The Cubs haven’t announced the rest of their rotation yet, but it seems likely Jake Arrieta will start Game 2 in Cleveland so that Kyle Hendricks would be ready for Game 3 at Wrigley — where he pitches best. John Lackey, then, is the likely starter for Game 4 and then Lester could come back for Game 5 at Wrigley.

We’ll find out soon!