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Wrigley Field Prepares For The World Series

Here's what it looked like around the ballpark Thursday evening.

From L stop (photo 1) to a TV platform placed near the center-field scoreboard (photo 14), here are some views of the area around Wrigley Field taken Thursday evening by BCB's David Sameshima.

Photo 2 is of a large tent set up on the site of the former 7-Eleven across from the ballpark at Addison & Sheffield. This is likely MLB's hospitality tent for the commissioner and other dignitaries. It is literally on a construction site surrounded by rubble.

Photo 3 is an area that will be set aside (likely is, as of this post time) for people who want to wait for any last-minute tickets released for Game 3. (If you're not there now, I wouldn't bother -- there aren't likely going to be many, or any, tickets.) There are also a number of views of the TV trucks set up for broadcasts of the games.

Ballhawks, a couple of them at least, were set up at the usual spot on Waveland & Kenmore Thursday evening. The Indians were having a workout/batting practice at the time.

New paper tow-zone notices were set up on many neighborhood streets. Here's some information about parking and other street restrictions in the area around Wrigley Field during the World Series.

It's only a few more hours till game time. Cubs. Indians. 7 p.m. CT. tonight. Are you ready?