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Cubs World Series Game 3 Lineup: Jorge Soler In Right Field

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Joe Maddon is playing a hunch again.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Soler hasn't done much this postseason, but with Josh Tomlin, who allowed 36 home runs this year, on the mound for the Indians in Game 3 and the wind expected to be blowing out strongly to left field, he's in the starting lineup:

As it says above, it's a hunch. Soler can crush baseballs when conditions are right, and they just might be exactly right tonight.

I'm at Wrigley as I write this, and the wind is already starting to kick up. By game time it might be blowing out at 20 miles per hour with gusts to 30. That could be real good news for Cubs power hitters.

Meanwhile, Kyle Hendricks has a 1,86 ERA in four Wrigley starts with the wind blowing out, so as long as he throws his usual game, inducing weak contact with ground balls, the Cubs should be just fine this evening.

Just a few more hours to go!