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Cubs World Series Lineup Game 4: Jason Heyward In Right Field

Joe Maddon rolls the dice again.

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I have thought all postseason that somehow, Jason Heyward would do something important, critical to a win.

He'll get another chance tonight in Gane 4, as he's in the starting lineup, in right field, batting seventh.

Heyward's year has been maddeningly frustrating for all of us, and I can imagine fkr him as well. Here's a guy with six years of MLB success, and suddenly he looks like the worst hitter in the game.

IIt seems likely that Heyward will have to have his swing completely deconstructed and rebuilt, and that might have to start very soon after the World Series ends.

In the meantime, let's all try to be positive about his chances to come through tonight against a very tough pitcher. It would be great to see Heyward be a World Series hero.

The full game preview will post at 5 p.m. CT but I wanted to give you a place to get a head start.