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World Series Game 3: Photos From Around Wrigley Field

You saw the game and what Wrigley Field looked like inside. Here are some scenes from the neighborhood during Game 3.

BCB's David Sameshima did not have a ticket for World Series Game 3. But that did not stop him from taking in the scene around Wrigley Field before and during the game. Here's his report.

I arrived around 6 p.m. to hang out with the ballhawks on Waveland Avenue. It was a zoo getting there from the CTA Red Line Station.

I did not even attempt to walk over by the marquee. Addison was closed to traffic. The police were restricting pedestrians to the sidewalks. Both sidewalks were narrower than usual due to barricades accommodating the VIP tent on the south side of the street, and the expanded Draft Kings Sports Zone on the north side of the street.

As I headed north on Sheffield, a line of CPD bicycle patrol officers started to block off Sheffield Avenue. They were escorting a group of VIP buses to Gate A. Now the crowd was being forced on the east sidewalk. That sidewalk was already packed with the lines for those waiting to enter the rooftops.

Once I made it to Sheffield and Waveland, it opened up and I made my way down Waveland. As expected, there was a throng of people there, but nothing like what I passed through.

I stayed put on Waveland during the game. I did not want to risk walking around, in the event the city suddenly decided to put additional barricades and cut me off from Waveland Avenue.

Many regulars were out there, and some with kids. It was relatively kid safe, as long as there were adults to keep an eye on them.

Around the sixth inning, CPD officers started to circle the ballpark. They completely lined Waveland Avenue, so I assume they did this around the entire ballpark. They did not restrict passage. It appeared to just be a show of force. It was an impressive one.

I had heard that there were city snow plows stationed around the neighborhood. I did see one parked on Waveland blocking traffic, just east of the CTA Red Line tracks.

Illinois State Police were also assisting. From the street, I could Illinois State Troopers inside the bleachers, walking along the patio level that is behind the back row. I later saw an Illinois State Trooper patrol car driving down Waveland Avenue.I can confirm that Illinois state police were in the bleachers -- I saw several troopers walking down the bleacher concourse. It was a crazy day at and around the ballpark, and I expect nothing less today. The only difference I'm hoping for -- a win.