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Wrigley Field Construction/Playoff Update: October 2

Here's what the ballpark and surrounding area looked like on the last day of the regular season.

BCB's David Sameshima paid an end-of-season visit to the area around Wrigley Field on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The biggest changes you can see construction-wise are on the plaza building on Clark Street. Brick has been installed on most of the lower floors of the building and windows are also installed on almost all sides. The Cubs hope to move their offices into the building before the 2017 season begins. The first couple of floors of the building will include restaurants and retail as well as a TV studio, which will be used for pregame and postgame shows.

The Cubs have also dressed up the four statues around the park (Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Harry Caray) in Cubs jerseys in anticipation of Friday's first NLDS game.

You can see signs for the "American Airlines Conference Center" in photos 53 and 54. Per this press release from last year, that was planned as part of the "legacy partnership" the airline signed with the Cubs.

We hope to have more photo updates from the ballpark during the postseason, and of course of the renewed construction once the season ends -- which, hopefully, won't be for another month or so.