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2016 World Series Game 5 Preview: Cubs vs. Indians, Sunday 10/30, 7 p.m. CT

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Win or go home for the winter.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Seven years ago today, Tom Ricketts and his family had a press conference introducing themselves as the new owners of the Cubs.

Among the things he said that day was: "We're going to win the World Series."

So close, right? It can still happen. I actually feel confident about Jon Lester's ability to shut down the Indians offense and send the series back to Cleveland for Game 6. And after that... who knows?

This will be a bittersweet day at Wrigley Field no matter the result, as it will be the final game played there at 2016. Thus it's a day for farewells to the team, and to friends in the bleachers, regardless of what happens on the field.

A special farewell to David Ross, who is likely starting his final major-league game tonight. He's been one of the major factors in this team's success the last two years, even though he's not one of the best players on the ballclub. He's helped the young players on this team learn how to win, and I hope when he's ready to get into coaching or managing, Theo & Co. bring him back to Chicago.

Joe Maddon has apparently declared this another "American Legion day," where he wants his players to show up 90 minutes before game time, dress and get ready to play. MLB requirements might have some of them there earlier, but this is a good way to take pressure off his ballclub.

Finally, it's going to be a chilly night at Wrigley, probably about 10 degrees cooler than Saturday.

The only other thing to say is: #LetsGo

Ceremonial duties for Game 5:

National Anthem and God Bless America: Wayne Messmer
Ceremonial first pitch: Ryne Sandberg
Game ball delivery: Andre Dawson
7th-inning stretch: Eddie Vedder

Here are today's particulars.

Cubs lineup:

Fowler CF, Bryant 3B, Rizzo 1B, Zobrist LF, Russell SS, Heyward RF, Baez 2B, Ross C, Lester

Indians lineup:

Davis CF, Kipnis 2B, Lindor SS, Napoli 1B, Santana LF, Ramirez 3B, Guyer RF, Perez C, Bauer P

Jon Lester


Trevor Bauer

Jon Lester didn't have a very good outing in Game 1 of this World Series. But in each of the other games in which the Cubs needed him to step up this postseason, he did so. John Lackey spoke of "big-boy games," and Lester seems to thrive on those. During the regular season this year, Lester posted a much better ERA at Wrigley Field (1.74 in 15 starts covering 103⅓ innings) than on the road (3.17 in 17 starts covering 99⅓ innings). That's the best sign for tonight, Lester's dominance at home this season.

The Cubs hit Trevor Bauer well in Game 2 in Cleveland, and the cold weather tonight surely won't help his surgically-repaired finger. Bauer did post slightly better results (3.67 ERA) on the road this year than in Cleveland (4.73 ERA). The Cubs got six hits and two walks off Bauer in less than four innings last Wednesday, and he has never pitched on three days' rest (not in the postseason either).

The matchup appears to favor the Cubs. Let's hope the results do, too.

Today's game is on Fox. Announcers: Joe Buck, John Smoltz and Ken Rosenthal.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Gameday game preview

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