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A Look At 2016 Cubs Postseason Tickets

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Here’s what season-ticket holders got for this year’s playoff games.

The format of the 2016 postseason tickets is quite similar to what Cubs season-ticket holders received last year, just with different designs and/or photos behind the lettering.

As was the case a year ago, we paid for an entire strip of tickets, including the wild-card game that, even at the time the payment was due (September 2), was unlikely to involve the Cubs. Season-ticket holders could choose a refund or account credit for unplayed games at the time they made their payment. I chose a credit, since I’m going to wind up sending in more money for next year’s season tickets sometime over the next couple of months anyway. Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting more credits, if the Cubs can win each series in fewer than the maximum number of games.

The designs are pretty generic, and I can’t say I like the wild-card game one much (red and white plaid? Really?), but that one’s not going to be used anyway. The World Series tickets, with the trophy, are kind of nice.

The Cubs also gave all season-ticket holders electronic versions of the tickets. I’ve heard from some fellow season-ticket holders that they are going to use those and keep the sheet intact. Interesting idea, but I think I’ll separate mine and use the actual physical ticket.

One very important thing I’d like to mention, about which the Cubs remind you on the instruction sheet that came with the tickets: If you are lucky enough to get postseason tickets and are excited to share them with your friends on social media, please make sure to cover up the barcodes and other personally-identifiable information.

I honestly can’t emphasize that enough. If you post the ticket barcodes, they could be copied and used by someone else.

Here’s the entire ticket sheet. If that’s too small for you to read everything, click here for a larger version.