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Wrigley Field Playoff Preparations: October 4

Here are some photos from around the ballpark as it gets ready for postseason play.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Tuesday afternoon and found lots of activity in preparation for the postseason.

You might have seen some video from the Cubs' sim game Tuesday; photos 1 and 11 here show the NLDS logo on the video boards during that time. The Cubs also spruced up the front of the ballpark near the main entrance and ticket windows -- don't touch that paint quite yet! Hope it all dries by Friday, when a lot more people will be around.

I rather like the "W" flag that's hung on the plaza building in the spot where a huge video board will eventually be installed (photo 7).

David also managed to snap a photo of David Ross leaving the sim game, though he didn't stop for autographs.

We should have more photos during the division series, and possibly before, if David has a chance to stop by the ballpark. Only two days to go!