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National League Division Series Game 2: Dodgers vs. Nationals, Sunday 10/9, 12 noon CT

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The Dodgers and Nationals will try again Sunday after being rained out Saturday.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Remnants from Hurricane Matthew postponed Saturday’s game, but rain is expected to clear the Washington area in time for these teams to play Sunday.

It’ll be a tough haul: after this game, they’ll fly five hours to Los Angeles and play at 1 p.m. Pacific time Monday.

Probable pitchers: Rich Hill vs. Tanner Roark. Hill’s a great story, coming back from indy ball to have a solid year split between the A’s and Dodgers, though limited to 20 starts due to injury. Roark’s 5.5 bWAR ranked fourth among N.L. pitchers, behind his teammate Max Scherzer (who got more attention), Johnny Cueto and Clayton Kershaw.

Today’s game is on FS1. Announcers: Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Harold Reynolds and J.P. Morosi. Gameday game preview

SB Nation game preview

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