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Get Your Kyle Schwarber Shirts Now!

We've partnered with Breaking T to bring you this awesome Kyle Schwarber shirt.

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Kyle Schwarber had an amazing Game 2 in the Cubs' first appearance in the World Series in far too long. Schwarber picked up two hits, two RBIs, a walk, and a run on Wednesday night in his role as designated hitter. Schwarber had such an amazing night at the plate the Cubs wished he could have been medically cleared to play in the field when the series went back to Chicago.

The Cubs stayed alive, though, and with the series returning to Cleveland tonight Schwarber should be back in the lineup as the designated hitter. Facing elimination, the team could really use another great night at the plate from Schwarber.

To commemorate Schwarber's excellent Game 2, and to celebrate this amazing Cubs season, Bleed Cubbie Blue has partnered with a company called Breaking T. Breaking T has partnered with several other SB Nation sites and we are excited to be working with them to help us capture history. After Miggy hit that glorious grand slam in game one of the NLCS, Breaking T had this shirt out. When Joe Maddon was asked whether Kris Bryant or Anythony Rizzo should be the NL MVP, Maddon Answered Bryzzo and Breaking T captured that moment as well.

Now they have come up with this officially licensed Great Schwarbino shirt available now. (Full disclosure, we do get a few bucks from the sales of these shirts.) Here is the design.

The Great Schwarbino Breaking T

Get your Kyle Schwarber shirt here

These shirts are an officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association. They are red and white print on a blue tee. These shirts are also insanely soft and very comfortable. So get yours today and get excited Cubs fans, it is time for Schwarber and the rest of the team to keep the rally going.