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Kyle Schwarber Talks About His Rehab On ‘Live With Kelly’

Here are some details on how Kyle got ready to play. And then, he had some baseball fun with the hosts.

Schwarber on Kelly (David M. Russell, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution) David M. Russell, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

The Cubs have been making the talk-show circuit this week after their World Series win, and Thursday was Kyle Schwarber's turn.

He appeared on "Live With Kelly," with host Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has actually become a thoughtful and insightful television commentator -- he might have full-time baseball TV analysis in his future if he chooses to go in that direction.

Kelly and A-Rod began the appearance with an interview with Kyle, and I thought it was most interesting to hear the kinds of things he went through while he was rehabbing his knee. He also describes a bit about Jason Heyward's team meeting during the rain delay in Game 7. Kyle seems very thoughtful, too, and he talks a lot about the work he put in during his rehab not only physically, but in learning pitchers and hitters around the league.

After the interview, Kelly, A-Rod and Kyle headed out onto the streets of New York for a little baseball. Check out where Kelly's first pitch goes:

Kyle even goes down into almost a full crouch when taking over "catching" duties from A-Rod. Obviously this is just street ball for fun, but it does give some encouragement that with more work and rehab, Kyle could still catch in the major leagues.

Fun stuff. Enjoy!