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Tim Sheridan, Cubs Spring PA Announcer, Attacked At World Series Celebration

It was a wonderful night, but it turned into something awful.

Courtesy Tim Sheridan

If you have been to Cubs spring-training games at Sloan Park, or before that at HoHoKam Park, in Mesa, Arizona, you have no doubt heard the pleasant, informative voice of Tim Sheridan on the ballpark PA. Tim’s been the Cubs’ spring PA announcer for nearly 30 years, since the late 1980s.

Tim was in Chicago, along with so many of you, to take in the Cubs’ Game 7 game in Cleveland in Wrigleyville. It’s sad for me to report, as Tim posted on his Boys of Spring blog Thursday, that he was brutally attacked outside a Wrigley-area bar:

There is no easy way to get into this, but after that amazing Cubs win last Wednesday night, I was attacked, beaten, and left unconscious. This isn’t a post looking for sympathy, I just figured people should know. One of the greatest nights of my life took a horrible turn when I was sucker punched from the blind-side, and then kicked in the head while on the ground, probably several times according to the doctors. Unfortunately there were no security cameras outside the bar where this happened, and no witnesses close enough to identify suspects.

Some of the damage includes broken orbital bone around the eye, sinus fracture, concussion, several lacerations requiring stitches, and I’m headed to the doctor today, to see what surgeries may be necessary going forward. As I said, this isn’t a sympathy post, because in spite of this unfortunate situation, I am thankful.

I’m posting this here because I thought you all should know. Beyond the fact that for me, Tim is the voice of spring baseball and I can’t imagine a day at Sloan Park without hearing his voice, he’s become a personal friend and I feel terrible for him and his family.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Tim and for all of us to hear his voice at Sloan Park for spring training 2017.

UPDATE 11/14/16: I have clarified, in discussion with Tim, who says he’s feeling better every day, that this incident happened in Gilbert, Arizona, not Chicago. Still, it’s awful no matter where it was.