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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 14

The offseason has arrived, and construction season has begun at the ballpark.

At last, the scene around Wrigley Field has quieted down.

When I went there Monday morning to have a look around and take photos, there were only a handful of people around, a few taking photos with the marquee in the background (as you can see in photo 18, it still says "WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS" and I suspect it will for a while yet), and lots of construction activity.

You can see that all the chalk drawings on the bleacher outer walls have been removed, but there are some chalk messages still remaining on the sidewalk on Waveland (photo 8) and on the auto-repair shop on Addison (photo 16).

The biggest signs of work being done so far are the removal of turf and some seats inside the ballpark (photo 10), and the removal of a portion of the interior wall in the right-field corner (photos 11 and 12). The seating-area work is likely quite similar to what was done down the left-field line last offseason. Otherwise most of the work that was being done Monday morning looked like setup or staging work.

Beyond that I've got some photos here of the plaza building, where they are making progress, and of the plaza itself (photo 21). I don't see any reason they shouldn't have these places open as scheduled early next year.

By the end of the week I hope to have some further information on exactly what work's being done this offseason, and hopefully some more photos.