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Corey Seager, Michael Fulmer Win IBWAA Rookie of the Year Awards

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Late Monday afternoon, the Baseball Writers Association of America will announce its choices for Rookie of the Year.

Those selections could match the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America’s, which were released earlier Monday. The IBWAA chose Corey Seager of the Dodgers and Michael Fulmer of the Tigers.

Seager received 173 first-place votes (97.74%) and 875 points while being named on all 177 ballots. Others receiving first-place votes include Trevor Story (2) and Trea Turner (1). Turner finished second, Story third.

Fulmer received 101 first-place votes (57.39%) and 662 points while being named on 156 of 176 ballots (88.14%). Others receiving first-place votes include Gary Sanchez (58), Nomar Mazara (7) and Tyler Naquin (5). Sanchez finished second, Naquin third.

I posted my choices for Reliever of the Year in Sunday’s IBWAA post. Frankly, having looked again over the available choices and mine, I didn’t do a very good job on that particular ballot. Mea culpa.

Herewith my selections for Rookie of the Year, which I think are much more reasonable:

NL: Seager, Turner, Story

AL: Fulmer, Sanchez, Max Kepler

We’ll have the BBWAA results here later today. Manager of the Year awards will be announced Tuesday.