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Max Scherzer, Corey Kluber Win IBWAA Cy Young Awards

The BBWAA awards come out later, but here are the IBWAA honors.

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Later Wednesday, we will learn the identities of the BBWAA Cy Young Award winners.

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America has chosen Corey Kluber of the Indians and Max Scherzer of the Nationals as its winner of this pitching award for 2016.

Scherzer received 81 first-place votes (45.76%) and 850 points while being named on 169 of 177 ballots (95.48%). Others receiving first-place votes include Jose Fernandez (30), Kyle Hendricks (20), Jon Lester (19), Clayton Kershaw (12) and Noah Syndergaard (10). Lester finished second, Hendricks third, Fernandez fourth and Syndergaard fifth.

Kluber received 56 first-place votes (31.82%) and 727 points while being named on 163 of 176 ballots (92.09%). Others receiving first-place votes include Rick Porcello (55), Justin Verlander (22), Zach Britton (21) and Chris Sale (19). Porcello finished second, Verlander third, Sale fourth and Britton fifth.

Here are my ballots:

NL: Hendricks, Scherzer, Lester, Kershaw, Fernandez

AL: Kluber, Verlander, Britton, Porcello, Sale

Before you jump all over me for my vote, I will make no excuses: That’s a homer pick. I liked what Hendricks did all year, in the time-honored BCB phrase: “All he does is get guys out.” He led the major leagues in ERA (granted, an old-fashioned number), the first Cub to do so since Big Bill Lee in 1938. I grant you that Scherzer led pitchers in bWAR (as well as several other categories), but Hendricks’ 5.0 bWAR isn’t that much lower. Plus, you all know I have been a big fan of Hendricks since he came to the Cubs system. I’m really happy for him that he’s found this success — clearly, one of Theo’s best trades.

I’ll freely admit that Scherzer might be a better choice. Indulge me this one, if you will. I think my other choices are pretty defensible.

Josh will post the BBWAA award winners this evening.