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Cubs Trade Target: Sonny Gray

Theo Epstein and Billy Beane have done business before. Could they make another deal this winter?

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Sonny Gray was one of the best starters in the American League from 2013-15, finishing third in Cy Young voting in 2015.

And then, he wasn’t. He had a miserable 2016 season which included two stints on the disabled list. One of them came after a forearm injury suffered, interestingly enough, in a start against the Cubs August 6 in Oakland. He didn’t pitch again for seven weeks, and then threw just one inning against the Angels in late September.

Gray hadn’t been pitching well before the first injury, which landed him on the DL from May 21-June 4. He had a 6.19 ERA and eight home runs allowed in 48 innings at that time.

Still, it’d be hard to ignore Gray’s three good seasons before 2016 and hope he’d be healthy going forward.

The A’s have traded off players or let them leave as free agents in recent years. They’ll likely have these same kinds of payroll issues until they can get a new ballpark, something they will be focusing on with a new team president, Dave Kaval, named Thursday.

In the meantime, though, they might be approachable about trading someone like Gray, who is arb-eligible for the first time for the 2017 season.

Again, as I mentioned the other day in another trade target article, Jorge Soler might be a good fit as a DH in Oakland. He certainly had a fine series there for the Cubs last August (4-for-12, a double, two home runs), granted, a small sample size. Obviously, Soler would only be the beginning of a Cubs proposal for Gray, they’d certainly have to offer others to Billy Beane & Co. to make this a legitimate trade offer.

Would you do this? If so, who would you offer to the A’s?