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Cubs World Series Game 7 Lineup: Willson Contreras Catching

A rookie catcher will be behind the plate as the Cubs try to win the championship.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Some might have thought David Ross, with his long experience and this literally being his last major-league game, would have started behind the plate catching Kyle Hendricks in World Series Game 7.

Instead, it’ll be rookie backstop Willson Contreras:

Joe Maddon is going with the same lineup that won him Game 6, and how can you blame him? That lineup exploded for three home runs, nine runs and 13 hits, though Contreras was quiet with the bat Tuesday night, going 0-for-3 with a walk.

Despite his rookie status, Contreras made a name for himself with the glove as well as the bat this year. He picked off four runners, second only to Ross’ five, and catching 13 of 22 runners trying to steal, a very good percentage. This is probably an effort to negate the Indians’ running game.

If Jon Lester winds up throwing in relief in this game, I’d think Joe would wind up bringing in Ross to catch. Contreras is 1-for-17 in the World Series (9-for-37 this postseason), and Ross 1-for-4 in the Series (3-for-15 in the postseason). Each has one home run.

Here’s hoping this is a World Series-winning lineup. #LetsGo