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More Writing On The Wrigley Walls

This is becoming a regular thing -- and it is beautiful.

BCB reader Andrew Mathews -- username saxattack29, and I know he won't mind me telling you that, because he's previously revealed his real name in other posts here -- started something wonderful during Game 6 of the NLCS, when he and some trusted friends went to Wrigley Field with chalk to write messages of love and support for the Cubs as they won the National League pennant.

To their credit, police smiled and allowed this to go on, as long as it was done safely, as it was.

Now, this has become an instant tradition, and fans are continuing to leave these messages for the Cubs as they are on the brink of winning the World Series. The messages will likely be left there for a few more days, at least. What a wonderful thing this is, an outpouring of joy and love, respectful and kind. I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like it, anywhere.

BCB's David Sameshima went to the ballpark Tuesday night, before and during Game 6, and took these photos to share with all of us. There are also a couple of photos of the scene around Wrigley -- the Draft Kings Sports Zone open for business, and some of the construction ongoing even during Game 6. Finally, a couple of shots of the marquee David took on his way to work Wednesday morning. I don't think they need any further explanation.

Enjoy, and #LetsGo