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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 26

Lots of activity around the ballpark on Saturday, not all of it construction-related.

There are still quite a few people hanging around Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon, even on Thanksgiving weekend, three weeks after the CubsWorld Series win. It’s not as crowded as it was over those first few days, but a sunny, pleasant, near-50 degree day brought out a lot of folks just walking around the park, taking photos near the marquee (you can still get good shots from the west side of Clark Street even though there are construction fences up) and crowding the shops that still have tons of World Series merchandise.

As you can see in photo 6, there are also quite a few street vendors who have set up selling merchandise around the ballpark. That photo shows the scene across from the bleachers, but I also saw several vendors set up on the south side of Addison selling photos and framed Chicago Tribune front pages from the day the Cubs won the World Series.

Much of the construction work, as you can see, is interior to the park and can’t be seen well from the street. The digging in the left-field corner is for drainage, and the work on the Addison side appears to be to shore up the ramps and other infrastructure.

While I was walking around I ran into David Sameshima, who was there for the same reason I was — to check out the scene and take photos. I should have another set of photos here from David tomorrow.